5 reasons to invest in display panels

Thackley Primary School work display panel

Thackley Primary School work display panel

  1. Impressive and professional
  2. Durable
  3. Safe
  4. Less time consuming
  5. Student pride


Impressive and professional
Make a smart visual first impression in the reception area of your school to welcome all school visitors.

Made from super tough materials to withstand the wear and tear created by busy school corridors.

As paper is held in secure plastic pockets this provides a more fire retardant solution than traditional school display methods.

Less time consuming
Reusable work pockets make it easy and quick to refresh your displays.

Student Pride
Creates a great focal point to celebrate students achievements and you’ll find your students are really eager to have their work displayed!


Feel confident that your school reception area communicates the right message about the culture and ethos of your school to colleagues, pupils, parents and other visitors (and of course Ofsted!). To make an no obligation enquiry about this service call 01274 551010.