Getting a Good from Ofsted – the next step

So, all the hard work has paid off and Ofsted has told you that your school is ‘Good’.

That’s great, so how do you tell everyone about it and make the most of your achievement?

1) Order an Ofsted Announcement banner

Sounds obvious doesn’t it – but an announcement banner is most effective when it shows just how passionate and professional you are, even when ordering a banner. Make sure that your banner has a clear message, is not cluttered and reflects the branding that you would expect from a successful school. Don’t sell yourself short!

2) Tell the local press and the rest of the world

Whilst readership of printed newspapers is down, people still consume lots of local news online, so making sure local news outlets hear of your success  could be really beneficial in raising your school profile, especially if you can negotiate in bound links to your website. Share your message through social media and write at least one blog article about your success – now you’re beginning to really spread the word!

3) Reflect success outside your school

Make sure that school signage is fresh, clean and reflects what you would expect a successful school to look like. Tired, dirty, wobbly signs give a very poor impression and may even be dangerous.

4) New photographs and a dazzling school prospectus

This is your opportunity to dazzle prospective parents, students and colleagues with a school prospectus that you can be really proud of. Try to make sure that your prospectus designer understands your school brand, has worked on school prospectuses before and can deliver a truly inspiring piece of design.

5) Offer a big thank you!

Obviously the success is down to a massive team effort, so why not give your team a big Thank you!

Phone 01274 551010 or email us if you are interested in sharing your Ofsted ‘Good’ message – we’d love to hear from you!