Marketing for a full cohort

There are many factors determining the likelihood of achieving a full cohort for your school.

  • Local birth rates
  • School visibility, accessibility and how well it is presented
  • How active in the community the school is in the local area

These are just a few of the factors that schools have to take into consideration when looking to effectively build a full cohort.

Strong branding and effective communications are also a compelling factor in how your school is received and understood by parents, students and colleagues. Put simply, if your school branding and communications look professional, there is a good chance that this is how you will be perceived.

Banners, prospectuses, wall art, stationery, websites and signage need to be:

  •  consistent in colours, fonts and styles
  • attractive and positive
  • grammatically and factually correct
  • well produced (and installed, where relevant)

There are factors such as location that can’t always be changed, but other things such as your branding and communications cost roughly the same whether they are attractive and effective or not. We can help you achieve the very best possible chance of a full cohort through effective branding and communications. Phone 01274 551010 or email to find out how we can help