Displays & Wall Art

Stunning lobby wall art, subject identity graphics, learning walls, school values panels and inspirational quotes – just a few of the school wall art design services that we can offer your school. Schools have never looked so good.

Bradford Primary Heads rebrand

Allerton High School, Leeds wall art

A visually exciting wall art project with bold colour and values graphics. Allerton High School in Leeds is a specialist Business...

Bradford Primary Heads rebrand

Grange Technology College Wall Art

Showing pride and raising aspiration through school wall art.   Grange Technology College is a large co-located school in Bradford....

Bradford Primary Heads rebrand

Princeville Primary Reception Wall Art

A truly stunning project featuring wall art, window vinyls and branding. As part of a wider rebranding project we were...

Bradford Primary Heads rebrand

Shirley Manor Primary wall art panels

Giving a school visual impact – in all the right places. Shirley Manor Primary Academy is a warm and friendly...

Bradford Primary Heads rebrand

Heaton Primary School wall art

Stunning wall art in the heart of Heaton. This school wall art project involved creating a series of icons, each representing...

Bradford Primary Heads rebrand

Rainbow Primary School wall art

All the colours of the Rainbow – in bright and beautiful wall art.   There is an almost infinite combination of...