Transform the entrance of your school with stunning lobby wall art!

Shirley Manor Primary Academy lobby wall art

Why invest in lobby wall art?

  • Creates warm welcome
  • Visually communicates who you are
  • Makes a great first impression
  • Creates a stimulating and uplifting entrance space
  • Wows all visitors to your school – including Ofsted!

You can really wow visitors to your school with vibrant reception area wall art that offers a warm welcome whilst communicating the values and ethos of your school. We all know that first impressions count, so let’s make it so whoever steps foot in your school is immediately greeted by stunning lobby wall art that sets the tone of a school that is proud and confident in what it has to offer. Motivational messages for both staff and pupils with uplifting images to create a bright a positive start to every school day!

Your professional and smart lobby area will communicate to all visiting professionals that your school is secure in its identity, suggesting just a taster of what your school has to offer. Your parents will be reassured that they are leaving their children in warm and safe school.

Feel confident that your school reception area communicates the right message about the culture and ethos of your school to colleagues, pupils, parents and other visitors (and of course Ofsted!). To make an no obligation enquiry about this service call 01274 551010.